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We are experienced in designing and building column stills and we can advise you for your specific needs.

The name of the stills LM ( Liquid Management ) and VM ( Vapour Management) and their design come for the book "The Compleat Distiller" which is also an excellent book for understanding distillation. If you can read french there is also the awesome Barbet's Manual from the 1890's that will take you through the theory and practice of various distillations.

To understand the meaning of the various designs please have a look at the overview of the still designs

For general distilling information lots of information can be found on distilling webforums:

  • homedistiller
  • Artisan distiller

  • LM still

    Cheap and simple this type of LM still is also called by it's designer's name "Bokakob"

    LM still LM still LM still

    2" diameter, 53" high (1.35 m) LM column, insulation, packing
    and clamp included: 300 USD + shipping (4.1 Kg)

    3" diameter, 76" high (1.95 m) LM column, insulation, packing
    and clamp included: 350 USD + shipping (9.1 Kg)

    VM still

    Better control than LM, but requires an adapter for stripping runs


    VM still LM still

    2" diameter, 51" high (1.30 m) VM column, insulation, packing
    and clamp included: 330 USD + shipping (6.1 Kg)


    3" diameter, 76" high (1.95 m) VM column, insulation, packing
    and clamp included: 385 USD + shipping (11.1 Kg)

    Optional LM/VM head combination for 120 USD :

    Condenser control still (prototype)

    New design, cheap, simple, short.

    VM combo with accessories VM combo with accessories

    2" diameter, 49 " high (1.25 m) column, insulation, packing
    and clamp included: 270 USD

    Essential oils and steam distillation

    Steam is generated continuously in a very small boiler that is plugged to the water supply line, no refill needed. Steam then goes through the bigger vessel through the herbs on the tray, and then condenses in the condenser.

    The model pictured can hold 30L of herbs. Thermal insulation on the containers not shown. Price : 1500 USD.

    steam distilelr

    Steam distilling under vacuum is also possible (click on the icons to enlarge):
    vac steam vac boiler legend


    Essential oils and vacuum stills

    Vacuum still example: 200L custom vacuum still for rectification of essential oils

    Some essential oils require a lot of steam (=water) to distill and a fraction of the fragrances can be trapped in the water.
    The natural conclusion is to re distill that water aka floral water aka hydrolat. That is traditionally done using a florentine flask aka essencier whose water overflow is returned to the boiler.

    Under vacuum (and pressure in general) forces are such that boiler volume is expensive, on top of that water takes expensive space in the boiler and in the collection vessel, both under vacuum making the recycling even more valuable.
    That's why I've built a recycling essencier for vacuum distillation.

    It works well at ambient pressure too.

    Price : 1000 USD, boiler, vacuum pump and power regulator not included. Optional recycling essencier costs +200 USD

    Vacuum boilers are custom made, email me your heat source (electric, like in the video, or external) and the desired volume for a quotation.


    Vacuum boilers

    The boilers come with a heating element ( 1 or 3 phases), heat insulation foam, vacuum gauge and safety vent in case of overpressure.

    Price list
    volume (liters) volume (US gallons) Price (USD)
    100 26.4 1100
    75 19.8 875
    50 13.2 725
    35 9.2 600

    For other sizes please contact me


    Custom stills

    We can also build plain strippers/pot stills etc.... Anything based on your specifications as long as we believe it will work.

    Please contact us specifying your country, zipcode, the desired output, and the heating type (propane/electric/coal) in order to get a quotation.

    The custom projects are published on the facebook page