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Other Items/spare parts

We can provide, at competitive prices, parts related to distilling equipment, please note the prices displayed here do not include shipping costs :

Standard and custom Fittings

parts fittings stainless steel fittings stainless steel

We sell all sorts of stainless steel and bronze threaded fittings (threaded/barbed ) and can create them for all standards (BSP, NPT,Metric) ask us for an estimation

Boilers / Vats

We can build or retail all sorts of vats/boilers/pots,

Examples :

steam boiler, continuous feed steam boiler, continuous feed

stovetop boiler with sanitary ferrules stovetop boiler with sanitary ferrules

Mini steam generator 500 USD:

Vacuum boilers, please see here

Filtering equipment


Various stainless steel material are available for building filtering equipment ranging from 6mm to 0.5 mm opening size for pierced sheet and up to 400 TPI (Threads Per Inches) for mesh. Below are some example products:

mesh 250 tpi stainless steel mesh 250 TPI, 1m width, 201 grade

mesh 1mm opening, 1 m width, 304 grade

perforated sheet 1mm diameter holes, 2x1m, 304 grade


We can also design objects based on your specifications :

spice basket for a gin column spice basket for a gin column 75 USD


Heat exchangers

We build them at your desired dimentions, exemple prices below:

- Copper coils

42 USD (for a 3" diameter, using 1/4" or 3/8" outer diameter copper tubing)

- Stainless steel coils :

- Stainless steel liebigs :


- Stainless steel shell and tube condenser (aka shotgun condenser), 3" diameter, 13 tubes, 60 cm long with lugs for screw attachment and barbed fittings for hose connection. 350 USD

We also build heat exchangers based on your designs for example :

brewing heat exchanger HERMS brewing heat exchanger 290 USD (17 cm diam, 35 cm height,1/4" threaded fittings, 2kw heating element included). It was originally designed by Package 5.6 kg

brewing heat exchanger RIMS brewing heat exchanger 130 USD (5cm diameter, 2 or 2.5kw heating element included depending on stock).



Spiral Prismatic Packing (SPP)

spp stack SPP size vs coin spp zoom

This a new type of packing that has been patented by Russian researchers from the Mendeleiev Institute.
If your heating power nears or exceeds the maximum power (see below) a power controller is necessary for using SPP so that you can get the best output without flooding the column. SPP is very similar to Fenske helices / Fenske spirals with the difference that SPP has openings on the side.

Ethanol distillation performance :
2" columns

-1 meter height of spp in a 2" column (that's about 2 liters spp) can bring a 10% abv to 95.5% in a single run
-max power : 1.9 kw,

3" columns

-1.5m of packing can bring a 10% abv to 95.5% in a single run
- max power: 4 kw
- takeoff rate (2.7 liter/hour).

Dimensions of the SPP :
-2.4mm diameter
-2 to 3 mm length
-0.25mm wire diameter
-wire is stainless steel 304

- always perform a cleaning run (distill 10% ethanol and throw away the result) or boil the SPP to remove the remaining cutting oil before using the SPP for distilling drinks
- SPP is best held in place by tighly packing stainless steel scrubbers on the bottom of the column (3 for a 3" column, 2 for a 2" column)

Price is 27 USD / kg or 43.2 USD / liter. Packaging weigths 15% of SPP and is added to calculate shipping cost.

Price calculator

Column diameter (cm) Packing height (cm) Volume (L) Weight(Kg) Package weight (kg) Packing price (USD)

Power controllers

Available in 110 V to 240 V AC. Includes a fuse for safety. Customisation possible

power controller power controller detail 35 Amps : 120 USD