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A number of options are available for shipping depending on the duration you are willing to wait and the size of the shipment : for smaller shipments regular post office is more competitive, but for sizes exceeding the limits only private shipping companies can provide the service.

Private shipping (UPS,DHL,TNT ...)

The prices change a lot with the market, As of 2016 prices are down close to the post office prices. Please tell me your zip code and country for a quote.
Transit time is faster than the post office, about a week by air. For sea shipping, the prices are very interesting, and transit time faster than the post office sea shipping but the minimum volume order is one cubic meter.

Post office

Below is a calculator for the most common destinations: - sea shipping is cheaper but requires 3 to 4 months - air shipping is more expensive but only requires 3 to 4 weeks. Most countries are available, contact us for an estimation if your country isnt in the list below.

Destination Mean of transportation max perimeter (meters) Max length (meters) weight (kg) price
perimeter definition